The Nordic hamstring eccentric 10-week+ exercise programme:



Kneel on the cushioned kneeling pad with your feet firmly fixed in place with the foot anchor.
Cross your arms from shoulder to shoulder or let your arms hang by your sides.



Lower your body slowly towards the ground ensuring a straight line from your shoulder to your knee.
(This helps to protect your lower back).



Extend slowly to the point of failure, i.e., lean forward and resist a falling motion using your hamstrings.

When should I begin the Nordic hamstring protocol?

The 10 week programme should be carried out preseason and once a week after that for the entire season.


As we know it’s better to be pro-active in preventing an injury rather than re-active which usually leaves us with
some of our top players looking on from the side-lines, missing out at the vital stage of the Championship action
due to an injury they sustained either before or during the season.

This exercise relies, in most cases, on the aid of a second person or unsafe alternatives which results in
a minimum 85% non-completion of the program or collateral injury mainly to the knee and lower back.

The Hamstring Solo removes the need for a second person to assist.
The Hamstring Solo utilises the person’s own body weight, no additional weights or components required.
Both hamstring eccentric and concentric exercises can be performed in a safe and optimal position.
The Hamstring Solo is set on a decline which prevents hyper extension of the knee joint.
The Hamstring Solo sits close to the ground which reduces the range of motion, preventing injury to the lower back.
The athlete’s feet are allowed to hang freely with no additional strain being incurred.
The Hamstring Solo accommodates users of all sizes, heights, weights and levels of fitness with minimal adjustment.

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