Improve Performance

Perform scientifically proven exercises for safely conditioning athlete’s hamstrings

Prevent Injury

Monitor eccentric strength and asymmetry between left and right hamstrings.
Build a player profile, and identify athletes at risk of injury.

Optimal Measurement Precision


Because load sensors are highly sensitive to ‘off-axis error’ and misalignment introduces measurement inaccuracies.

The unique configuration of the Hamstring Solo Elite attaches ankle restraints directly to the sensors,
thereby eliminating alignment errors and optimising precision.

Declined Exercise Position

Prevents knee hyperextension and optimises comfort, sense of security and athlete/player engagement. The Hamstring Solo Elite and Pro both incorporate a declined kneeling pad, ensuring:

Optimal Comfort and Safety

Reduced Pressure on Knee Structures

Prevents Excessive Extension at End-Range of Movement




Hamstring Elite can monitor left and right hamstrings, building a player/athlete's profile and setting target strengths. It’s fast, accurate and simple to use. It features secure cloud storage and real time feedback.

The Hamstring Elite gives you a unique insight into a player/athlete's hamstring function and allows you to monitor progression and prevent injury occurring.



Easily Transported

The Hamstring range are robustly designed to suit the most demanding high performance gym. Inbuilt wheels make it easily transportable. It is lightweight with a fully adjustable foot anchor accommodating users of different sizes, heights, weights and levels of fitness.