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  • The Nordic hamstring exercise is one which every sportsperson should include in their exercise regime in order to protect against injury and improve performance to their hamstrings. The Hamstring Solo is an excellent and safe exercise aid. Without the Hamstring Solo people simply will not complete the programme. I would highly recommend the Hamstring Solo."

    Robbie Lodge, MISCPPhysiotherapist for Kilkenny Senior Hurling Team (2001 to 2010)
  • In recent years an increased emphasis has been placed on injury prevention in inter county hurling. The Injury Surveillance Scheme conducted through UCD and headed by Dr John Murphy has highlighted hamstring injury and in particular hamstring injury recurrence as a major problem in GAA games. In Tipperary hurling this season we have re-evaluated our injury prevention protocols in relation to hip/groin and hamstring injuries in particular as these are areas where we have had problems last season. We have invested in jump mats, pressure cuffs, video analysis and the Hamstring Solo in an effort to minimise these injuries. To date our injury incidents are currently greatly improved from last year and we hope this will continue for the rest of the season. I find the Hamstring Solo to be practical, relatively cheap, easy to use unassisted, and portable, enabling players to work on it at home. It is excellent for inner range strengthening and when used as part of a strengthening programme is very effective in recovery and injury minimisation.

    John Casey MISCP MSc., SportsMedTipperary Senior Hurling Team Physiotherapist
  • I was delighted to come across the Hamstring Solo as for years, when teaching a patient to perform eccentric Hamstrings you would be instructing them to find a second person to assist or use a piece of furniture that doesn’t move! Neither of which is ideal or does anything to motivate the patient therefore compliance is frequently compromised. With the Hamstring Solo, the patient has the independence to perform and comply with the prescribed program. The device also has the versatility to adapt to modify the level of difficulty the Nordic curl can be performed at as well as adapt for tibial leg length with its long platform and adjustable ankle fixator. It is mobile and lightweight so can be transported from clinic to gym / dressing room. As part of the hamstring strength and conditioning regime, I would recommend the Hamstring Solo.  

    Dr. Clare LodgeB.Sc. MSc (Sports Medicine) Chartered Physiotherapist
  • Rehabilitation of the hamstring muscles after an ACL reconstruction is slow and difficult. In fact, non-injured players in general have poor hamstring muscles compared to quadriceps. A lot of players have trouble in exercising the hamstring muscles properly. The Hamstring Solo device is an excellent solution to this problem. It allows the athlete to do Nordic hamstring curls on their own in a controlled way. The device is soundly made and is easy to use. Using it will lead to better hamstring muscle strength.

    Dr Breandán Long, FRCSI FFSEMDr Long specialises in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery and Rotator Cuff
  • "I was extremely happy to hear from Noel when he approached me to trial his new product called 'The Hamster'. I have in the past found it difficult to get our players to perform eccentric hamstring exercises in a safe and optimal position. The Hamstring Solo satisfies all the above and more importantly it is portable and durable. I am very happy with this product and the service that Noel and his team have provided to me."

    Declan O'Sullivan MISCP, Chartered Physiotherapist Physiotherapist, Cork Senior Hurling Team
  • I find the Hamstring Solo to be a very safe, easy to use, mobile and cleverly designed hamstring strengthening device. The Nordic hamstring eccentric exercise is an excellent programme for strengthening and preventing injury or re-injury to the user's hamstrings, In the past I found players compliance of this programme poor because of reliance on a third party and now because of the “Hamstring Solo” our players can complete the programme in a safe and controlled way. I would highly recommend The Hamstring Solo.

    Kevin Curran MISCP Chartered Physiotherapist